• The food is great but the customer service is terrible. I received the wrong order... No problem. I call back and just let them know. The receptionist claimed I didn't tell her I wanted the order plain. She proceeded to go back and forth with me and told me they could deliver the correct order if I paid ANOTHER delivery fee. If you eat here... Keep a copy of your receipt and start recording yourself when you order.
    shzj***** posted at 2/10/2023
  • Nun
    tgee***** posted at 2/6/2023
  • Oh I forgot to note it that it was a picture of your menu online. And that is a crime
    orf**** posted at 9/4/2022
  • Y'all are ripping people off. I took a picture of the menu and I took a picture of the receipt it was different on both items I ordered it wasn't a large difference but there's a fact that it was a difference I do believe that is called false advertisement. And y'all do that to everybody that comes in you're making a killing off of that. Be sure I am calling the Better Business Bureau
    orf**** posted at 9/4/2022
    ilian****** posted at 8/20/2022
  • My order was wrong. I had the Broccoli with garlic sauce with shrimp lomein. When I got to the store the amount had changed from 13.98 to 17.20. I received beef and Broccoli (dont eat beef. Yuk) instead of Broccoli only... 
    mvrj***** posted at 7/17/2022
  • I ordered a combination with sesame chicken and it was disgusting!!! There were full of chicken “nuggets” but there were no chicken inside only filler. It was gross and the egg roll was filled with a strange mix like purée. I will never order food from there again!!!????
    ri.**** posted at 6/20/2022
  • Sun sun very good food always early delivery on time. Wish only that low sodium menu items available. 
    bea*** posted at 3/31/2022
  • My order was wrong..i specifically asked for no white rice and wanted fried rice instead plus it took yall one and a half hrs to get here. Very disappointed.
    diane.l******* posted at 2/8/2022
  • Ive never had a issue with this place either but I called them about missing a item I paid for ,the young girl that answered the phone said they was busy so I can get a credit ,I even tipped the driver..WTH ... no more ordering from them...
    lilf***** posted at 1/29/2022
  • 520099854
    Hi this was my order today. I ordered a eggroll with my meal and it was not there!
    Ms Cindy Francis 
    lilf***** posted at 1/29/2022
  • We order here often- very rare there is an issue. This delivery came missing food- side containers of sauces busted and spilled- fries under cooked- wings missing. I put in the notes every time to not ring bell or knock- call or text when here. This never happens. I called and was told they would send new order and to send back what I had gotten. I had to put the delivery bag in a trash bag due to the mess I got. Never have had to return the messed up order to a place before but ok. Very disappointed. $50 worth of food ordered. 
    kjk**** posted at 1/11/2022
  • Great food delivered hot every time! 
    scoots******* posted at 8/23/2021
  • I've never had a problem with Sun Sun Garden. I've been ordering there since they first opened. Very fresh meals. Love them
    cheroke******* posted at 8/9/2021
  • I love Sun Sun Garden
    cheroke******* posted at 8/9/2021
  • Do you deliver to Day's Inn on Airport road
    cheroke******* posted at 8/9/2021
  • Apparently they find it ok to charge more than authorized.  Said prices changed - and wanted to charge an additional $5 . Not authorized and refused to honor prices online as ordered.  Choice to pay new total or have food returned.   Would rather throw away food than honor your listed prices. Very poor customer services.  Ordered elsewhere. 
    mymich****** posted at 5/27/2021
  • Since Mr. Chan's closed I had been looking for a good Chinese restaurant in Jacksonville. Finally found one. The food was fresh, big portions, and prepared well. The Wonton Egg Drop Soup is amazing. Will happily drive out to Sun Sun Garden from town for this.
    andre***** posted at 5/7/2021
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    doesth****** posted at 5/5/2021
  • I ordered at 6:15 and you took my money. It’s 2 hours later and not only have you not delivered but the phone is disconnected. I will call the police 
    jgc**** posted at 4/10/2021